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New momentum in the gold market is expected to propel the value of the precious metal past it’s recent highs of £1,300 ($1,800). As the gold bulls are preparing to increase their bets, now is the prime time to add gold to your portfolio and enjoy the benefits of a lower price before it shoots up again.

As the Federal Reserve has left the gold bulls uncertain in relation to interest rate changes, we’ve seen a lower-than-expected price of gold. But as investors readjust their expectations, it’s certain that gold will come out on top and prove itself an extremely valuable asset in any portfolio. Act fast and buy now.

George Milling-Stanley, chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors, “There’s certainly nothing that the Fed said that would prevent gold from going back above 1800 again.

The market will now have to readjust its expectations after what Powell said. I’m looking forward to seeing what the market decides to do.”

Many investors are joined in the expectation that the positive value of gold will attract more investors as over inflated equity markets continue on their path of recent record highs.

Historically, gold has performed well amidst rising inflation pressures so the attention on the precious metal is mounting. As interest in gold from investors and gold bulls alike increases, this is an opportune moment to invest in gold. Act quickly.

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