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    Gold Versus Banks

    Traditionally, banks have been seen as the safest place to keep your money, but if you want your money to work harder for you, the truth their vault is often the least advantageous place to keep your savings.

    Is your money really better off in the bank?
    A cornerstone of the global economy, banks have been around for centuries as a place for the population to store its wealth. However, with growing political uncertainty and financial upheaval, banks are no longer the safe haven that we’ve all come to depend upon.

    Although banks are useful financial institutions for day to day use due to the wealth of services they offer, they are very much at the mercy of financial markets and many people who have worked hard to accrue savings over the years are finding that the interest paid on their money is underwhelming to say the least. This makes the bank as an investment option increasingly less attractive, especially when compared with other options such as gold investment – an asset class almost as old as time, equally as historic, traditional and safe as banks and a tried-and-tested safe haven.

    Outside of banking influences
    Gold not only falls outside of the influence of the banking system, but any investment remains the sole responsibility of the investor. This is significant because, the wealth inherent to gold can be traded or sold at the investor’s discretion, unlike savings held in a traditional bank account.

    The precious metal is also safe from the impacts of economic downturns and bank failures and retains a consistent value in a time of crisis due to its rarity and strong reputation as an investment safe haven.

    Tax benefits and inflation
    Gold has outshone inflation for the past decade, making it a far better investment asset in terms of financial gain than any savings account could possibly offer. Gold investors also enjoy a wide range of tax benefits when it comes to legacies and purchases, meaning the initial investment will continue to pay dividends aside from the actual value of the gold holding. For those concerned with wealth management and family trusts for affluent individuals, these benefits make gold a highly attractive and very sensible option.

    Ease of access
    Getting money out of a bank is usually a straightforward process, but what many potential investors fail to realise is that gold also offers ease of access to funds.

    For those that wish to access part of their investment in smaller increments, gold coins are an excellent investment option as they can quickly and easily be exchanged for goods or currency with minimal effort.

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