Gold Versus Currency

Comparing gold investment to that of currency is a little like comparing apples with oranges. They are both highly representative of two very different approaches to investment.

Currency investment fluctuates on an almost hourly basis and focuses on much shorter-term profits, unlike gold that seeks to gain value and safeguard wealth over a more extended period of time.

Also known as Forex or the foreign currency market, investing in currency on the world’s largest financial markets offers a plethora of investment options that can make the heads of even the most experienced of investors spin.

High rewards, high risks
The most volatile of all financial markets, Forex trading offers high rewards, but the risks often put many savvy investors off joining the 4 million trades that are conducted each and every day.

Currencies move in relation to each other, so as one rises in value, another must fall making it a risky way of diversifying an investment portfolio that isn’t tied to any particular national market.

Another downside to Forex trading is that the market is often seen as corrupt and heavily manipulated, and it is often the smaller players that lose out as the key thing to remember is that as one investor is making big gains in the market, another is losing.

Reliable and durable
Gold, on the other hand, offers a longer term, fairer approach to investment with fewer risks. A durable and reliable form of investment that has been a way to store wealth for centuries, gold operated outside of financial markets making it ideal for anyone seeking to preserve their investment against market fluctuations and financial crashes.

One of the most high-performing assets of the past decade, gold saw an increase in value of almost 400% between 2012 and 2015, so although that gold doesn’t offer the ability to get rich quick, it does provide a stable and reliable investment opportunity for those that value security.

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