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The European Central Bank continued monetary policy is bullish for gold

The European Central Bank continues to maintain its current monetary policy in more good news for gold. The ECB’s stance is accommodative of higher gold prices. The most recent policy meeting, held mid-week, confirmed that the status quo would remain with the...

Record levels of government debt means gold the best way to protect wealth says expert

Record levels of government debt pose a huge threat to the economy and could see the US heading towards bankruptcy, making gold the best possible choice as a store of wealth says investment expert Yaron Brooke. The bestselling author, who is also a managing partner of...

Gold is steadfast heading into the weekend, maintaining price threshold of around £1,310

Gold is steadfast heading into the weekend, maintaining its important price threshold of around £1,310 ($1,800). The precious metal’s position at this critical support level comes as data from the US Labor Department published yesterday (Thursday) shows a higher than...

Gold to trade materially during unprecedented inflation says Jon Deane

The former managing director of JP Morgan, Jon Deane has warned that the stability of global financial markets is teetering on a knife edge as a result of the fiscal stimulus measures taken around the world to combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deane...

Gold on course for strong end to the year amid long-term uptrend

The latest precious metals forecast from Haywood Research paints a compelling picture for gold thanks to an upgraded forecast and confirmation of its strength during current economic uncertainty. Analysts confirm gold is in a bull phase, with global market uncertainty...

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