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What you'll learn from your FREE Gold Investing Guide...

Why the price of gold is set to sky-rocket

We all know that the financial markets are under immense pressure, global economies are on the verge of a downturn but how far can this push the price of gold?

Why Governments are stock piling gold

Traditional heavyweight buyers of gold such as Russia, India and China are continuing their rush on gold but new players are now entering the game, find out who and why.

5 Key ways to profit from the yellow metal

There are a number of ways to buy into and potentially profit from gold but which will be the most profitable and which is the most suitable for you?

What’s driving the huge increase in gold prices

There are many factors which influence the price of gold but how can you reliably predict how the price is going to move over the next 24 months?

Why central banks are increasing their reserves

Gold is a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. Central banks have traditionally held gold as a reserve but why are they now increasing their positions?

Supply and demand – the key price drivers

Supply and demand are the key market drivers effecting the price of gold but who’s buying, who’s selling and how close are we to peak gold production?

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