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Looking For The Best Price On Gold?

Invest in Gold Bullion at 15% Below Market Price

Investment grade gold bullion Direct from the Gold Producer, delivered by insured courier to your door with no Commission Charges or Additional Costs

Investing in gold makes obvious sense but dealer commissions, storage and insurance fees all eat into any potential profit. Buying from a traditional dealer incurs a minimum 6% premium on both the buy and sell so you’ll need to see the price of gold increase by at least 12% just to break even.

The Gold Safe introduces you directly to the gold producer so you won’t be charged any extra fees meaning that every penny you spend is invested in gold. In addition, buying on a Forward Gold Contract means you purchase at 15% below market price and are in significant profit from day one. Your gold is the same as you’d buy from any high- quality dealer – the only difference is the price.

If you’re purchasing gold for serious investment, let us show you the best way to maximise your profit and protect your capital. Call us or fill in your details on the form above.

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The Gold Safe is one of the very few British Companies able to introduce its customers directly to U.K. registered gold producers for the purchase of investment grade gold bullion at the very best prices anywhere in the world.


Investment Grade Gold Bullion assayed to London Bullion Market Association standard

Purchase direct from the gold producer with no extra charges or dealer commissions

Buy from 5 troy ounces (approx £5,000) to qualify for an 15% discount to market price

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    ‘There has never been a better time to buy gold. We have a perfect storm in terms of the global supply/demand scenario and the imminent threat of a worldwide economic downturn like no other’

    Peter Schiff
    CEO and Chief Global Strategist
    Euro Pacific Capital Inc

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Here’s What Our Customers Say…

    Why Invest in Gold?

    Best performing asset class
    Gold has outperformed almost every other asset class for over a century and is again predicted to be the best performing investment of this decade

    A hedge against inflation
    The Bank of England predicts the rate of inflation to rise above 5% by the spring. Your money is being eroded faster than ever. Gold has always beaten inflation.

    Beats any savings account
    High street banks are now offering the lowest rates on savings in living memory. In real terms, cash in the bank is being constantly devalued

    Gold is a real, tangible asset
    Gold is real, physical and tangible. In this way it is unlike most major forms of investment which has made it universally attractive for millennia

    Gold is a store of wealth
    Gold has for centuries been a store of wealth. It has always kept its value and in fact consistently increased in value historically and always will

    Gold is a safe haven asset
    Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven asset and most attractive in times of financial turmoil and market volatility – times such as now

    Gold is all of these things and much more, and now it’s available for investment direct from the producer at 15% below market price. For more information, enquire today

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