Top ten benefits of investing in gold

If you are looking for a new addition to your investment portfolio, wish to diversify, reduce your exposure to risk or just want to safeguard wealth for the future, gold investment offers a plethora of advantages.

1. Gold offers a strong buying opportunity
In 2019, we have seen gold go from strength to strength but, it is not yet at the highs that many seasoned investors and respected analysis expect to see by the end of the year and progressing into 2020. We have seen gold breach $1400 and dip below but all the signs point to a steady and prolonged increase – meaning now is the perfect opportunity to buy, buy, buy.

2. Wealth and loved ones
If you are hoping to leave a legacy or inheritance for those you love, gold offers a tax-efficient alternative that will see more of your wealth passed down the line.

3. Investor portfolios
Many savvy investors know that the price of gold rises when commonly held assets begin to fall, making the precious metal a good way of diversifying your portfolio for greater security. We have witnessed almost unprecedented geopolitical and economic turmoil on a global scale in the last 12 months, from the US to China, Germany to France, the UK and beyond. Markets are suffering, confidence is dropping, productivity is declining and inflation looks likely to climb. There is a looming, ever-present threat of a global recession. For those losing their appetite for risk and searching for a safer haven for their assets, gold offers a steady, strong and stable option.

4. Tax on growth
Physical gold comes in many forms, but certain types are free from tax on growth, meaning that your investment can pay higher dividends in the future.

5. Private investment
One of the only forms of private investment, ownership of physical gold does not need registering giving you complete privacy and peace of mind that your wealth management strategy need not become public record.

6. Inflation
As inflation rises, so too does the price of gold in line with other goods and commodities, therefore, it acts as a form of insurance against inflation.

7. The best performing UK asset
Gold has risen by r 330% since 1999, against the FTSE of 173% and the housing market rise of 231%, making it the best performing UK asset of the 21st century.

8. Freedom from the banking system
Unlike shares and pensions, physical gold sits outside of the banking systems and therefore, isn’t affected by counterparty risks.

9. Finite Supply
The rarity of gold and limited supply ensures an enduring value as gold cannot simply be created in the same way that currency can.

10. A global currency
Easy to liquidate and exchange for goods and currency, gold is universally accepted and sought after all over the globe. In addition to being a safe store of wealth, it’s also a useful, easily accessible global currency, perfect in times of crisis and uncertainty.

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